Perfect Match Valentines

I can’t believe it’s already the week of Valentine’s Day! I feel a little behind with getting these last projects up, not for any specific reason except maybe a very active and demanding (but adorable) one year old! She just learned how to open a door last night. OPEN A DOOR. She’s 14 months. This…

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Scratch-Off Valentine Advent Calendar


Here's an easy way to make a fun and interactive advent calendar for the whole family this Valentine's Day! Do you ever find something you think is so cool, you just can't wait to tell everyone you know about it? Well, here goes. A few weeks ago I found these super awesome scratch off stickers. I've seen tons of DIY recipes to paint your own scratch-off valentines, etc. but they ...

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Chocolate Strawberry M&M Rice Krispie Treats


Can you feel it? Love is in the air! I'm so excited to share a bunch of Valentine's Day projects with you this week, starting with this easy and YUMMY recipe for Chocolate Strawberry M&M Rice Krispie Treats! (Say that 5 times fast!) Confession: I'm a sucker for limited edition flavors of things that come out for the holidays! Like, all those Oreo flavors? I try 'em. Even ...

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Don’t Eat Pete – Printable Valentine’s Day Game


There are two things I always think of when Valentine's Day rolls around: chocolate (#truth) and elementary school Valentine's Day craziness! I only taught school for a few years but I remember how exciting it was for the kids to have class parties and exchange valentines with each other! Here is THE easiest game you can bring if you're helping at a Valentine's Day party this year - and ...

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Building Superhero Self-Esteem Through Play


Self-Esteem. Ooh, that's a tough one with kids, right? It's so easy for me to praise my kids for doing a good job, or tell them how special they are to me, but really helping them to build a strong self-esteem is a whole different thing. Here are 5 tips for building a superhero-strong self-esteem in your kids! Teach them to work with others. One of my favorite moments as a mom is ...

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42 Ways to Get Organized + HUGE Amazon Giveaway


Doesn't the New Year make you want to just throw stuff away, de-clutter, and ORGANIZE? Us too! Getting my home better organized and more functional is definitely one of my resolutions this year. Check it out, we're totally going to help you out with that today! We've teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give you OVER 40 home organizing solutions for your household! Each blogger is ...

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