Exciting Announcement… Our Etsy Shop is Open!


Hi guys! We are so excited announce the opening of our Etsy shop, Geometree Design. We are finally bringing the geometric wooden shapes that you’ve seen in our decor projects to all of you!! We are offering several different packages, including a variety of hexagons, triangles, and chevron arrows. We will be adding new shapes… 

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Printable Bunny Tail Tags

It’s been a crazy-busy couple of weeks and I’m trying to get everything ready for Easter weekend and then SNAP next week! I can’t wait to see my sis for 3 WHOLE days! (Just wish I could see that cute baby, too…) Today I’m sharing a last-minute Easter printable that was so fun to make!… 

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DIY FROZEN – Inspired Glitter Eggs

Hey there! So, we have had so much fun seeing the response to our FROZEN Easter Baskets! Thank you for all the comments. If you missed them, we have an ANNA-inspired basket and one for ELSA, too. Today I’m sharing how I made the fun DIY glitter eggs that were the perfect addition to my… 

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FROZEN Elsa Easter Basket

Can you believe Easter is already a few weeks away? Time to start thinking Easter baskets! Today I’m sharing the second half of our little FROZEN-inspired Easter basket posts – and mine’s all things ELSA! (You can find Holly’s ANNA basket HERE, too!) Since a lot of the actual FROZEN merchandise is hard to find… 

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FROZEN Anna Easter Basket

By now I think you guys know how much we love the movie FROZEN! And our daughters are just a little obsessed with Anna and Elsa. So being the cool moms we are, we decided to create custom Frozen-inspired Easter baskets for them this year. Today, I’m showing you the “Anna” Easter basket I made… 

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Suitcase of Savings UPDATE: April Goal

Can you believe it? I actually went an entire month without buying any clothes or shoes for myself!! I celebrated my victory this morning by purchasing a little something on Jane.com: image via Cents of Style Isn’t this t-shirt amazing? It’s only $12.95 on Jane today, so head over and see if there are any… 

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Cadbury Mini Egg Pretzel Treats

I think I speak for a lot of you when I say one of my favorite things about this time of year are the Easter treats. We’re not talkin’ jelly beans. Cadbury Mini Eggs, baby. Aren’t they so yummy? I used some to make these easy Cadbury Mini Egg Easter treats – a spin on… 

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$5 Friday: Easter Egg Candy Necklace

Even though we had snow earlier this week, today it feels like Spring and I’m ready to do some fun Easter projects! This mini egg candy necklace was so fun to make with the kids. It took about 5 minutes and only a few dollars to make! (That’s my kinda craft!) Do you ever find… 

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Easter Marshmallow Pops

There is something about putting yummy stuff on a skewer stick that I love. Shish kebabs? My favorite way to grill in the summer. Well, I decided to take that concept to the sweet treats we love most at this time of year… Easter Peeps! Presenting my Easter Marshmallow Pops… How fun are these?? I… 

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