Neon School Supply Tags

Does anyone else love new school supplies? There’s just something so clean and fresh about a newly sharpened pencil or a crisp, blank notebook. I probably love them way too much. I joke that my obsession with new crayons and post-it-notes is why I became a teacher! So naturally this time of year is one…

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Teacher Gift : Tape Dispenser


Before my oldest went to Kindergarten last year, I told people would not be one of "those moms" that cry at the first day drop-off. I was trying to play it cool - like, "I'll be jumping for joy!" Well, little did I know I would be a pregnant hormonal mess that hid the tears under her sunglasses and then let them all out once she reached the car. Now that Kindergartner is heading to 1st ...

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Back to School: Be at the Crossroads for your Kids

after school snacktime

My kids go back to school in just two weeks! As we've been busy getting school supplies, clothes, and other necessities, I have been thinking a lot about the routines I want to set for my family as school begins again. I don't know about you, but I feel like as my kids get older and involved in more activities, school time becomes a really busy time of year for us. The moments where we ...

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Backyard S’mores Station


Summer may be wrapping up, but there are still plenty of warm nights left to enjoy delicious S'mores right in your own backyard! This backyard S'mores station is perfect for a neighborhood get-together or just a weeknight treat! Everyone knows the basic ingredients of a good S'more : chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. The key to making this special is all in the ...

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Printable Screen Time Tickets


It has been such a great Summer for our family so far. We've been able to travel, spend time with cousins, go to Parades, stay up late and enjoy being outside. When we're not busy doing all these things is when we seem to run into problems. And the biggest battle we seem to have on a daily basis (especially in the summer) is over screen time. Today I'm sharing something that has changed ...

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Time-Saving Tips for Dirty Dishes + Big Savings


If there's one job I really dislike doing, it's dishes. Dirty dishes can pile up fast when you have kiddos who seem to eat non-stop and love to make their own lunches and snacks. Throw in a baby just starting to discover the joy of baby food and it can get a little overwhelming if you get behind! Here's how our family is working on tackling the dishes and teaching our kids responsibility ...

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