Smell My Feet! (Free Printable / Halloween Gift)

It seems like Halloween candy fills the store aisles earlier and earlier every year. And without fail, every year I buy our candy early so we can eat it all and have to buy more the good kinds won’t be sold out the day before Halloween! Candy is fine for the kids, the school parties, the trick-or-treaters. But what about the grown-ups? As much as I’d like to show my appreciation with a bag of Pixy Stix and Dubble Bubble, that may not be the best gift idea for an adult.

So here’s a quick and easy little Halloween gift idea for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. (Because who do you know that doesn’t?)

Grab a few cute things that go with the theme. We’re always up for a good gift theme :)

  • pumice stone
  • foot scrub
  • toe separators
  • cute nail file
  • nail polish (in a fun Fall color)
  • yummy travel size lotion (Hello, Bath & Body Works fall scents!)

Print your choice of tag. They are sized to fit inside a small cellophane bag (Walmart or craft store) or to use as a smaller gift tag. Just click “download” on the right side of the page when you link to the Scribd page. All printables are in PDF format, ready to go! Email us if you need a different size/or format! (Downloads at end of post.)

Stuff them in a little bag, add the free printable, tie it up with some cute ribbon and you’re good to go! Or print the smaller size and tie that on to a bigger bottle of lotion or foot scrub.

And there you have it! An easy way to let someone know they deserve a break. Now go make someone’s day!

Small gift tags (6 per page)
Gray (2 per page)
Orange (2 per page)
Green (2 per page)

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  1. says

    That is hysterical and EXACTLY my sense of humor. I’m printing it off for my kids’ teachers. They will crack up when they read the cute label! Thanks for sharing…I found you through a link up, but I’m sorry I can’t remember which one! I’ve been clicking and clicking through different blogs…Whipperberry or Tatertots and Jello? Probably one of them.
    I’ve got a super tiny little blog as well (but NOT nearly so creative as y’all’s) and would love you to stop by! I’m a new follower… yea!

  2. says

    I pinned this on my board. Love it! (<–say that in a high-pitched sing songy voice).
    What a wonderful idea to do a blog together to keep the closeness of sisterhood. My sisters are my best friends and I don’t know what I would do w/o them.
    I am a new follower. Would love it if you found me worthy enough to return the favor of a follow back.

  3. says

    i am a new follower over from the follow fest, and i am so so glad i found this blog! i love it. and this is awesome, i am going to target NOW and getting some stuf to make some “smell my feet” little goodies for my friends. oh my gosh…love this!


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