Halloween Mantel {better late than never}

We’re less than two weeks away from Halloween, and I finally have my mantel done! Those of you who saw my Fall Mantel, you know it is pretty bright with my deep turquoise wall as the backdrop. I wanted to tone down the color and go with a really simple palette…. black and white. But how to cover up all that color??

I saw this image on Country Living, and my wheels started spinning :)

I found a large piece of plywood in my garage and thought… hmmm, I wonder how this would look with a sheet over it? Haha! I figured maybe I could get it to resemble a large piece of artwork that some rich lady was trying to keep covered in her abandoned old mansion :)

With the “old-sheet-covered-painting” as my background, I added some spiderwebs and then just layered in some monochromatic elements… I love the simplicty of the black against white. I’ve always had orange or green in the mix in my Halloween decor, but I am so glad I left them out this year :)
My design started with a plain twiggy brown wreath {that I got at a yard sale for $1!} Before its makeover, it was sporting some sweet faux flowers… you know those ones from the 90s that are kinda made of paper and smell like potpurri? I forgot to take a picture of those, dang!

Anyway, here is the wreath in all her glory before:

And after my good friend, Krylon, here she is after:
The new black wreath gave me the perfect starting point… I just added more black accessories… some pretty glitter pumpkins from Tuesday morning, {the large one is actually from Target’s $2 spot} and one white pupkin {Michaels} with a little black crow perched on top :)

The other little paint project was a set of skulls {Martha Stewart}:

I left 3 white, and sent the other three to a spraypaint death :) After the Krylon Gloss Black was through with these guys, they made a nice mix in my homemade apothecary jar:
Is it just me, or do they kinda resemble little Darth Vader helmets now?? :) Maybe I just have Star Wars on the mind… my six-year-old just informed me today that he wants to be Darth for Halloween. It’s kinda throwin’ my plan off, but I’ll get to that later in my costume post!
For the jar, I found this little silver candy dish at my local thrift store for $1, then turned it upside down and added a regular old flower vase I had sitting around collecting dust :) Ooh, maybe I should have left the dust to add to the effect…
That’s about it. My final touch were the mercury glass candlesticks {found them at Michaels} and black tapered candles. Voila!
My spooky simple mantel is done! And I get to enjoy it for 11 days :)
What have you done to mix up your Halloween decor this year?

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  1. says

    where would I buy a wreath like that in NYC?..any ideas..the spraying of black I can do outside my building
    Tony…love the skulls, the wreath…it’s simple but to the point!


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