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Tip Junkie — Thank you for featuring our new tag for an “end-of-the-year” teacher gift!
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*Edited to add: See the bottom of the post for another version of the tag that can easily be attached to a 2-liter of your teachers favorite drink and a bag or bar of chocolate! (I thought that might be easier for some than a gift card!) Yay for amazing teachers!

In my former life (life before kids) I taught elementary school. 2 years, 2 different schools, 2nd Grade. I don’t claim to be an expert having only taught two years. But I bet most teachers will agree that the month of December is CRAZY! I swear the kids are excited for/want to celebrate Christmas as soon as Halloween’s over. But really, who can blame them? That’s when everyone starts thinking about it! :)  That last week before you get out of school is NUTS. Seriously.

So, since Holly let me be in charge of the teacher gift, I thought of what I most liked to get from my students. (And can I just say that I had the cutest kids and amazing parents to make my job much easier those 2 crazy years!) One thing that I thought was fun was a little survey we got from the PTA at the beginning of the year with a place to write down all our favorite things: candy, restaurant, hobby, movie, book, music, and yes, caffeinated drink. (Or non-caffeinated, either way…) When Teacher Appreciation Week rolled around, you better believe I was pumped to get Dr. Pepper and Peanut M&Ms.

Quick, head to your local Wal-Mart, grab one of these adorable cups (just under 5 bucks!), some chocolate, a gift card and you’re set! You can find these cups everywhere now, so please don’t stress if Wal-Mart’s not your thing.

I hear that a lot of people enjoy Diet Coke. But if there’s a drink you REALLY want on the tag, send us a quick e-mail and I can get it all fixed up for ya. :)

For the gift card part, find out what your child’s teacher likes. Do they stop at Sonic or Maverik on the way to school? If they buy cans, give them a grocery store gift card. Maybe they aren’t a pop person. (Do you call it soda?) Who wouldn’t love a gift card to their favorite restaurant? Then you can fill in the blank tag with “Olive Garden” or whatever it is.

*OR* Get this little baby printed off when you’re printing holiday pics or cards at Costco or wherever you go – it’s a 4×6, perfect to slap on a 2-liter :)

To print the tag, right-click on the one you want to use, save it to your computer and print. These are 4×6 size. Use a paper trimmer or Exacto knife to cut two slits in the tag to stick your straw through!

*NEW* – Coke, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea


*New tag for summer:


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  1. says

    Great idea. Thanks for the wonderful tags too. You are very kind.

    I’ve already mentioned the similarities with our lives but did you know that Holly and I are both teachers too? Isn’t that amazing!

    Best wishes,

  2. says

    Nat & Holly,

    Love your blog! You guys are seriously amazing. Can you make me a tag for iced tea? Sophie’s teacher loves Chic-Fil-A iced tea…which happens to be a couple of blocks from the school…I would love to give her a gift card for Chic-Fil-A iced tea! Love to you both. Hope your Christmas is extra special. Are you getting together this year?

  3. says

    LOL, love it! I’m going to make one for my dd’s teacher and the office! Thanks! BTW, found you from Tatertots&Jello’s 22 free holiday printables!

  4. says

    New to your blog (from TT&J) but I LOVE this idea! I was worrying the other day that I have given these teachers all my cute ideas (the older two have already had these teachers) but this one is genius. Thanks for the free printable – I’ll bookmark you for sure!

  5. libbywilko says

    Love these too.. I taught school before kids for the same time as you :) and I always loved getting some Christmas goodies.

    Thanks so much.

  6. says

    Would it be possible for you to make me one that says “to get you through until summer break.” It is teacher appreciation week this week and I would like to give it to them, but they have 3 more weeks left. Thanks Melissa

  7. says

    Oh my gosh. These are great. And we completely agree. Those poor teachers! :) Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday. Hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters


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