Teacher Gift *UPDATE* + {North Pole Postmark}

Okay, first things first. Hi! I’m the sister that rarely helps out on this fun little blogging adventure! :)

Just wanted to let you know that we updated the Teacher Gift Tag post to include a few tags {drinks} that were requested! There is also a vertical 4×6 that would fit perfectly on a 2-liter of pop.

Check out the tags & post here: Teacher Gift Idea – Chocolate + Caffeine

And I just couldn’t resist adding this. This is SO. Darn. FUN.

But you have to hurry!

If your kids haven’t sent letters to Santa yet, hurry and get them in the mail today. You can get a real “North Pole” postmark via the USPS for your kids’ letters back from Santa! How awesome is that? Yes. Thank you, Pinterest!

Go HERE to read all about it. It’s really easy. You send the card (or cards) with correct postage on it, in a larger envelope to the address in Alaska, they postmark it, and mail it back. Fun! I know Holly’s kids will get a kick out of that. (Get on it, my Sis!)

The USPS site says they must reach Alaska by Dec. 10 to guarantee Christmas delivery… I think we’re going to take our chances!

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    We actually took our girls to North Pole, AK one year to see Santa. It was really fun. Santa did a great job with our girls. They both wanted animals for Christmas, and he told them it was too cold in the sleigh for animals (phew). I didn’t even think to bring my Christmas cards for the postage. :(


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