$5 Friday: Globe upcycled for Spring!

I got this globe at a yard sale for $1! The axis thingy was broken, so I have been trying to figure out what I could do to turn it into a fun piece of Spring decor. Here’s what I came up with…
I love how it has an “earthy” feel {hahaha} with the natural elements of moss and flowers. I am excited to incorporate it into my Spring Mantel {hopefully I’ll have that ready to show you next week!}
Here’s how I created my beautiful spring globe:
I got this amazing moss “ribbon” at JoAnn’s and it worked perfectly for cutting out all of the continents. I made a simple pattern using plastic and a chalk marker to trace around the continents. Once all of my moss was cut out, I painted all the “land” on the globe in a green color to match the moss. Then I used a lot of hot glue to complete the project! I glued the moss on first, and then started gluing the flowers one at a time. I found these robin’s egg blue paper flowers at a scrapbook store years ago! They have been sitting in my craft room and I was so happy to finally find the perfect use for them :) I started out gluing them pretty close together, but soon realized that I wouldn’t have enough flowers to fill the entire “ocean” so I started spacing them out strategically at the top and base of the globe. I really like the end result with the original pacific ocean showing through!
I even left a special spot to show the original globe manufacturer’s name:
So, what do you think?
I love it!!!
{And it really did cost me less than $5… $1 for the globe, $3 for the moss ribbon — I got it for 75% off because the package was opened– and the flowers were free!}
What are you doing to bring a little “spring” in?
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      Thanks! I know, I was dying when I saw that globe laying there with a $1 pricetag! There was a silver candelabra thing too that I didn’t end up getting and I’ve been kicking myself ever since :)

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    That is the cutest use for an old globe I have seen. Just adorable. Now I’ll have my eye out for an old globe at Good Will. Visiting from the grow your blog hop. I’m your newest follower.

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    This is awesome. I love globes first of all. I always want to buy globes when I see them.You can find them in so many sizes and colors I just find them so interesting. You just got my wheels turning now with making this globe tactile and 3-D! how awesome is that. Not only is it decorative but what a great piece aesthetically. This would translate well for children so well especially ones that find it therapeutic to touch different textures. Great job! Lesley

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    I love it! I have an old globe sitting here on my desk and it would look so much cuter transforming it like you did. I will definitely have to do this!


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