Day 3! Woo-hoo! Today’s idea is so fun. It was Holly’s idea way back when we talked about doing this week and it was definitely a hit with my daughter! Again, SO easy to use regular digital pictures here.

I took pictures of 12 things around our house. Some favorite things, some places that are familiar…whatever was interesting to snap a picture of. Stick them all on an page (if you’re doing it digitally) or just cut them out to whatever size you want. I got all 12 on page using Photoshop.
(If you want the PSD file, e-mail or comment!)

Cut them out and you’re ready to go! Our brother, Bryan always did these scavenger hunts for me when I was little – with clues to the next place on Post-it Notes :) Does anyone else remember doing that?

My daughter loved going on a “Treasure Hunt” throughout the house to find the next picture-clue. I had fun doing it and it took 15 minutes from start to finish! Enjoy! (Oh, and here was the highly-anticipated “treasure” she found at the last stop!)

P.S. If you’re like us and are using a lot of Instagram-size pics in your Project Life album this year, check out this great post from the girls at Eighteen25! They have an easy tutorial on getting 2 pictures on a 4×6 PSD file that you would send to get printed at Costco or wherever you develop your pictures!

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    I play a game similar to this with kids every chance I get. We call it Photo Hide-n-seek.

    I start by hiding a small object (toy, anything works) and then take a photo super close to barely give a hint to where it might be, then take another that shows a little bit more of the environment, and finally one far enough away to make the location obvious.

    Then I hand the camera to the “seeker(s)” and they try to find it first using the super close photo and then if it is too hard graduating to the second and then third. The game is so much fun that I cannot hang out with my nephew or little cousins anymore without playing it.

    In addition to being very fun, it teaches framing and the importance of environment in shots that in turn, helps them take better photos without even thinking about it in other situations.

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    Hi! I just found you through Becky Higgins…love your blog and have subscribed via email. I would LOVE your psd template for instagram photos if u r still offering it. Thanks so much…now i am off to continuing browsing around your blog. :) Diane

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