Boys’ Room {Part 1}: Reading Nook Update

My boys’ bedroom is one of the rooms I haven’t shown you because it is not “done” yet :) Today, I decided to tackle the corner of the room and reveal their reading nook. It’s a pretty cozy little spot, complete with bean bag chair, pillow, and a basket of books… but the walls were completely blank. During naptimes today, I spruced it up with a few easy projects.

The first, was simply hanging a rug on the wall as artwork! I found this retro-looking rug at TJ Maxx for $3, and it was the perfect colors for their room. It is really thin and light-weight, so I just used some flat thumbtacks {in blue} to adhere it to the wall. 3 minutes: done.
Next, I created a kid-friendly Dry Erase board with a sheet of acrylic {plexiglass} and my favorite DIY tool…
3M Command Strips!
I got the 18×24″ acrylic sheet at Lowe’s for $7.99. You can find the 3M picture hanging strips at almost any store… Walmart, Target, even craft stores carry them now. Since I am renting and trying to limit the number of holes in the wall, I use these babies for everything!
I decided to use one strip in each corner {since my kids will be using it and I want it to be extra sturdy} but as far as the weight goes, it would definitely hold with just 2 strips at the top.
Next, I applied it to the wall, made sure it was level, and that’s it! I thought that since the wall is white, and the strips are white that they would blend in completely… but once I had it up on the wall  I could still see them and it bugged me :)  I wanted to cover them up somehow and also create a “frame” so my 4-year-old would have a defintite reminder of where the dry erase board stops and the wall begins :)
Enter another favorite DIY tool:
That’s right, duck tape! {In my favorite color, I might add.} I just applied the tape to the outer edges of the acrylic sheet, and voila! Instant “framed” dry erase board.
I love how flat it is against the wall and that there are no sharp edges or glass to worry about. I think this would look really cool on a wall that was painted a color so you would notice the “see through” effect more. On a white wall, it almost just looks like a regular dry erase board. It would also be really easy to add some fabric or wallpaper underneath for a more visually interesting background. For my kids, I just wanted a blank canvas for them to create their artwork and practice writing letters. And as you can see, I couldn’t get them away from it long enough to snap a few pictures!
My final project for today was redoing the pillow in their reading nook. I found this awesome Dwell Studio fabric at my local Home Fabrics store for only $6.99 a yard! For less than $4, I made a simple envelope-style pillow cover and I love the graphic punch it gives the space.
I have a few more little projects to finish up in their room before I reveal it all to you :) But I will leave you with a before picture just to show you how far it’s come since we moved in:
And here is a glimpse of where it is today:

Quite a change, huh? I can’t wait to show you the rest!
Finally, I want to share a few more ideas I rounded up, in case you are thinking about creating a
dry erase/chalkboard spot in your kids’ rooms:
*Check out my Boy’s Bedroom {Part 2} post*
Have a great weekend,

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  1. says

    Holly this is so cute!! What a great idea to use the plexi glass!! And the duck tape frame is just genius. Also loving the fabric you covered that pillow in!! What an adorable little corner. That rug on the wall is so fun. Wow, what a long way that room has come!!! i don’t know what’s worse, the pink or the brown…that really has got to be the most awful shade of brown I’ve ever seen. I feel like the paint can would have been labeled “sewage brown” or something. I am dying to see the rest of that room! I’m ready to move in and all I’ve seen is the corner! You’ve done such a great job!!

  2. says

    Oh lucky you that you can paint rooms in your rental. We aren’t allowed so we get stuck with plain off white walls. Love the DIY board and the corner looks so comfy :)

  3. says

    Ok, honestly, I am alittle terrified of the whole duct tape business, I am known for making holes in my walls already ;) At least I know how to fix them, so that’s a plus. None the less, I LOVE this idea! Pure brilliance! My kids would hang out here all day! I love the idea for you blog too, miles can’t separate sisters!! Following & pinning!!

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