Leap Day Time Capsule {free printable}

What a busy and exciting day! Holly made these awesome Time Capsule printables for her kids and some friends that are coming over today for a special Leap Day playdate. SO fun! (And don’t worry, if you don’t make them today, no one will know. Do it sometime in the next week or so :)

All you need are the printed pages, some yarn or string, a pen and something for the kids to draw/color with. 
Here is the pink version: 
And the orange version: 
I’m doing it today with my little girl! I made a page with all 4 files so that I could print it out a little smaller and put the book in my Project Life album this week. I just cut them out and stuck the two pages together back-to-back, and then folded in half. If you want that version – here it is! {Here is the book-style in orange!}

{Hi, it’s Holly :) I just wanted to add a note to say that I created the 4-page version for my pre-schooler and 1st grader to fill out themselves (that is why they are so big!) I wanted space for my 4-year old to “draw” in some of his answers and enough room for my 6-year-old to write too. If you are going to fill in all the info. yourself, then Nat’s 1-page versions {pink} and {orange} will probably work better. Hope you enjoy doing this with your kiddos!}

Happy Leap Day!

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    I just saw this from Jessica’s post. It’s a great idea to do. I’ll also take your suggestion and have the kids do it, even if it won’t get done until sometime next week ;-)

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