Knobby Necklace Tutorial {from Free Time Frolics}

Hello Ladies. My name is Adrienne from Free Time Frolics. I am a Flight Attendant turned Domestic Engineer, Chauffeur, Cook and Mom of 4. I love staying home with my kiddos and everything that comes with it. I love crafting, baking and sewing. I am so excited to be guest posting for Nat and Holly while they are getting ready for SNAP!
Today I am going to share my DIY {Knobby} Necklace Tutorial:
To start, you need to gather your supplies:
  • 1 cabinet knob
  • chain {I used 2 different types: 1 large, 1 small}
  • 3-4 beads
  • wire
  • Bead caps- 2 for each bead
  • Tools needed: wire cutters, round tipped wire pliers
Next, watch this You Tube Video on how to Wrap beads.  She makes is look easy! And it is very detailed.
Start with wrapping your beads. You can wrap them directly onto your chain, or wrap them and then open the links to your chain and connect them. Don’t forget to add your bead caps.
Next comes your chain. I measured how long I want my necklace. Usually around 30 inches or so. I do my small chain about 24 inches and my large chain about 6 inches or so… do whatever you like best. Now, just link them together.
For my knob I used this pink one. Whichever you choose, it has to have a hole all the way through it.  I found this knob on Mindy Maes Market, but I have also seen some at Hobby Lobby. This particular one was dark on the top so I covered it in a little glitter glue and added a filigree flat. {I let it dry for an hour or so.} Then wire it like you would any other bead and attach it to the chain.
Next, it is time to complete your chain. I measured how long I want my finished necklace. {Usually around 30 inches or so.} I do my small chain about 24 inches and my large chain about 6 inches. Do whatever you like best. Then, just link them together. Here’s the finished result… a vintage “knobby” necklace!

I’m giving away this necklace as part of the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” gift package giveaway. You can see all of the other items included in the giveaway, here. These are a few posts that have been my most popular and fun to make:

I would love for you to come by Free Time Frolics and take a look! Thanks Nat and Holly for having me!

Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us Adrienne. We covet adore your {knobby} necklace, and we might be a little jealous of whatever lucky lady is going to win it :)  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway… there is a $150 gift package up for grabs! We’ll see you tomorrow for another fantastic project & tutorial from Emily at 52 Mantels!

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