A New Life for my Blue Chair {and getting to know the real me}

So, some of you may recognize this chair

Look familiar?
There is a story behind why my chair is no longer a planter, and how I turned it into something fabulous just for me :) But first, we have a little blog business to take care of. Just hang tight and I promise we’ll get to the details of my new chair!
So, I know you’re sick of hearing about SNAP! but one of the things we realized during those few days, is that you guys don’t really know anything about us. We’ve been doing this blog thing for 9 months now, and all you really know about me & Nat is what we look like:
{or should I say looked like 2 years ago… hahaha, we really need to get some recent pictures!}
And that we live 462 miles apart {I’m in Idaho Falls by the way, she’s in Cedar City,} and that we like to do creative stuff! While that is all fine and dandy, and thank goodness it’s been enough for you to keep coming back to our blog… we decided that it’s time to let you guys in on who we really are :)
Scared yet? Ha! So, first on our list is to update the “About Us” section of our blog, currently know as The Sisters tab. Don’t click on it now. There is nothing there except a generic blurb! We are working on that. So, here is the plan for the next 2 weeks….
This week is Holly week. I’ll be telling you guys a few things about myself in each post, and the project will be one of my blog specialties :) {I totally just made up that term.} That’s another thing we’re trying to figure out… who does what on our blog? So over the next 2 weeks, you’ll find out. At the end of this week, I’ll have a brand new section on our “sisters” page with some of the random facts I reveal this week and a whole lot more about me!
Next week will be Nat week. Same deal for her. But it will probably be a lot more interesting because she is way funnier than I am! I guess that is the first fact for today. Here are a few more things you never knew about me:
1. I am pretty tall. 5’10″ barefoot. But, if you ever meet me IRL you’ll probably think I’m much taller. Why?
2. I love shoes. Not just any shoes. High heels, platforms, super cute, bright-colored, out of the ordinary shoes.
{trying these on before SNAP! Yes, I bought them}
3. One of the requirements when I was single and on the lookout for a man, was that he had to be tall enough that he would STILL be taller than me in my 4″ heels. Luckily, my husband passed the test!
4. I am a procrastinator
5. I am a perfectionist
6. I love dark chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter cups {cold from the fridge}…. mmmmm! I’m eating cold Junior Mints right now cuz I’m out of pb cups :)
7. I sometimes often leave dirty dishes in the sink or a huge mess in the kitchen until morning
8. I sing to my kids every night before they go to sleep
9. My feet are always cold
10. I don’t have a green thumb… really, I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life! {or the plant’s, haha!}
So, this last factoid brings me to my project for today. This cute gerbera daisy plant I showed you guys a few months ago is long gone…
I take a lot of the responsibility for this little guy’s death, but I have to blame some of it on the fickle Idaho weather! It warms up, then gets really cold without any notice. Just this past Friday afternoon, it was in the low 70s and sunny. We woke up Saturday morning to gray skies and SNOW flurries! So, needless to say, after the first plant died I decided that the planter chair was being retired until the end of June when I know it won’t be freezing at night anymore.
For a few weeks, I just had the frame of the chair sitting in our front room. It looked weird without anything on it {oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the seat broke so I can’t re-upholster it with cute fabric… that was my plan B.} I decided to take a cute pillow and put it on top, like a puffy little seat. Everyone in my family knew this was for decoration only and NOT for sitting on.
Well, my neighbor came over one day and thought it was a real chair with a real cushioned seat. She sat down and fell through! She was literally stuck in my chair frame!! I felt so bad… on to plan C.
I had seen this idea on a really cool blog, Living in a Nutshell:
The perfect solution for my empty frame of a chair :) I decided to add some extra shoe storage in the middle of the chair, with this gorgeous wire basket
I ordered two of these baskets after seeing Shelley’s post the other day. Love them!!
I just tied it to the chair frame with some twine:
And now I have a perfect place to hold my extra shoes!
The other fun thing about my blue chair, is the detail on the back… the little holes are perfect for holding earrings! I also draped some of my favorite necklaces around the chair finials.
I am LOVING how this project turned out! All the bright colors together, seeing my favorite accessories in one place… so much better than a plant, right? Well, at least I know my shoes won’t die if I don’t water them :)

Hope you enjoyed this “Upcycle” Project. Just one of the things you’ll find me blogging about. Here are a few more of my favorite Upcycle projects:
Thanks for sticking it out to the end, and getting to know a little more than you wanted to know about me :) See you back Wednesday!

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  1. says

    Loved learning more about you and look forward to learning about your sister as well. This is a GREAT idea. I just finished her book (Living in a Nutshell) and she has really good ideas. I wish I had a chair that would work for this, having the caning in the back is terrific for jewelry and the whole things looks like an art piece now! thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    vorrei sapere se posso fare vedere nel mio blog?
    io l’aggiunto la foto ma sempre se qualcuno vuoi vedere come fai clica e entra nel tuo blog.
    ho fato male?
    baci sisters

  3. says

    You ladies are awesome! I knew when I saw you a few months ago that you “have it.” You have what it takes to be amazing craft bloggers! Love this idea. I am featuring it at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Sending some traffic your way!


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