Pilgrim & Indian Table Decor

I love felt! It is so easy to work with and requires no sewing :) I found some really cute napkin rings on clearance the other day, and decided to create these Pilgrim & Indian accessories for our Thanksgiving table next week!

I couldn’t stop there… so I made some matching cup cozies :)
Keep reading for more pictures & the full tutorial!

I started by cutting a pattern for the pilgrim hat and feather pieces… {I totally freehanded these the first time, then just cut the rest from the original shapes.} Then I assembles the pieces together with hot glue, and attached them to the napkin rings. Aren’t they cute?
Here’s how I made the feathers:
I cut all my feather shapes first. Each feather has 3 pieces: large feather {base}, smaller feather {teardrop shape}, and center vein. To create the feather effect, I started cutting small slits in the sides {starting at the tip of the feather and working my way down each side at an angle.} Repeat the same process for the smaller feather, and attach all 3 pieces with hot glue.
The feathers were my favorite {and so fun to make!} So I decided to make some cup cozies featuring them:
These projects were so simple to make! Your kids could totally help out, and if you didn’t want them using hot glue, fabric or tacky glue would work great too.
Do you do anything special for the “Kids Table” at Thanksgiving?
Here are some great ideas from our friends, Bonnie & Trish:
 Stay tuned for a fun Thanksgiving printable that will entertain your kids as they’re waiting for the turkey to finish cooking :) Have a great weekend!


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