Rudolph & Santa Painted Ornaments

We shared this Christmas craft at Lines Across a few weeks ago… Rudolph and Santa {hand swirled} painted ornaments. My boys enjoyed making these with me, and they are perfect for kids because the paint stays contained inside the ornament!
This was so much fun to do! 
We started with some of the clear plastic ornaments you can get at any craft store… 
Then we added some acrylic craft paint in the bottom of the ornament, and mixed in little water. {You want a ratio of approx. 3 parts paint, 1 part water, so it’s not too runny!} Replace the ornament cap and swirl it around and around until the entire inside surface is covered with paint. Take the cap off again and let it dry inside completely.
When they are done drying, replace the cap and you are ready to embellish! We added rhinestone eyes, a mini pom-pom, and felt antlers for Rudolph. I really wanted to add a bow, so my son decided that this was not really Rudolph… it was now a girl reindeer :)
For Santa, we added a black felt belt and little buckle out of gold glitter cardstock. My favorite part is the furry “beard” glued to the top of the ornament :)
They make the perfect additions to our red & white tree this year!

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Are your kids being naughty or nice?

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    My family too had the same 3 wise men oaremnnts on our tree when I was growing up. Ours were made with the same exact molds, just painted differently. They were always my favorite. When my mom passed away 2 years ago and I was cleaning out her house, I only found 2 of them. Apparently one had broke the previous year. I just placed these 2 on my tree a few minutes ago and decided to search the internet to see if I could find more of these and that’s how I came across your beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your story. Treasure these oaremnnts always and pass them on to your next generation. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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