Heart Art

I’ve been wanting to make some new Valentine’s Day art for my mantel this year, and finally got around to it this weekend. I combined some of my favorite colors… coral, gray, and gold, along with a beautiful textured backdrop to create this lovely heart art.

I used some supplies I already had, along with a few finds from Target. Continue reading for the full tutorial!


  • 16×20 canvas
  • wrapping paper {mara mi brand from Target}
  • heart cards {from Target dollar spot}
  • gold glitter cardstock
  • paint {Americana: Coral Blush, Dove Grey}
  • double-stick tape
  • mod podge
  • yarn
I started by cutting a piece of this beautiful black and white wrapping paper to fit my canvas. Then I painted some of my paper hearts in coral and gray, and left a few of them white. I cut a heart to match out of the gold glitter cardstock. After I arranged the hearts, I attached them and the wrapping paper to the canvas with double-stick tape. I needed something to add a little whimsy… so I decided to create the final heart out of yarn.
It was super fun to do! I cut a piece of yarn the length I needed to make my heart, then dipped it and coated the entire thing in Mod Podge! I shaped it into a heart on the canvas and let it dry thoroughly. It worked great… love it.
This was so simple to make… it could be easily adapted as a valentine’s art project for kids too.
I will be adding this to my mantel and will reveal the entire thing later this week!
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