Living Room Makeover {Part One}

I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on in my living room for the past few weeks. To fully appreciate it, you need to see the before pictures. Here is what it looked like about a month after we moved in:

I updated it right away with a clean coat of light gray paint to get rid of the brown, but for the past year I have been stuck with a lot of turquoise, and a lack of style or direction in the room. I’ve been inspired by all the geometric shapes I’ve seen in fashion, textiles, and jewelry and I wanted to bring that to my design. On a really LARGE scale.

My geometric wall installation was the jumping off point to bring in more color, pattern and a few southwest inspired elements. I am in love with how it all came together!

For the complete room reveal {and triangle wall tutorial}, keep reading!

First, more pretty shots of my new room…

Isn’t that wall to die for?? I wish you guys could see it in person… the shimmer of the gold triangles and the dimension of the wooden pieces is so beautiful. So, I am sure you are wondering how I created such a cool wall treatment, right?

It is something all of you could totally do! The best part? It is completely removable so if you decide you want something different in six months, you can easily change it. I love it because we are renting our home and this is a way I can express my creativity without making a permanent change to the wall.

I started out with this idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I was planning on cutting all of the vinyl triangles by hand, but then I found this company, Walls by Mur. They sell sets of triangles in two sizes and several beautiful colors. I decided on the large triangles for my design. Here are the materials I used to create my wall:

{Vinyl triangles from Walls by Mur, $10 sheet of plywood, walnut stain, and a very sweet husband who cut the wood out for me!}

I used about 10 triangles of each color: Oxford Blue, Saffron, Gold, and Warm Graphite. I measured my wall and drew up a grid to scale so I could plan out my pattern on paper first. Here is my sketch:

I didn’t stick to this 100%, but it was a lifesaver to have something to reference as I was installing the triangles. I started in the top right corner and applied my first triangle. Then I just built out my pattern from there…

I didn’t measure or mark on my wall once! I did use a level throughout the installation to make sure my lines were straight. I definitely had to remove and adjust several of them during the process, but it was pretty easy. The entire wall took me about 2 hours of actual work time. I was interrupted by my kids and daily activities so it took me a day to complete it, working on and off.

Once all the vinyl triangles were in place, I added the wooden pieces. These were definitely the frosting on the cake! I can’t even tell you how much I love them!

I attached the wooden triangles to the wall with… what else? 3M Command Strips! I used the medium picture hanging size. Two strips on each triangle holds them in place very nicely.

All of my friends who have seen this new wall are pretty impressed. I think I might be helping out a few neighbors to do something similar in their homes in the near future! Here is one more look at the before and after:

I am thrilled with my new living room! I still have a few more projects to complete and more tutorials to share, so stay tuned!

I am really excited to be sharing this project on Studio 5 today, and then Natalie and I both get to chat on the show about our blog :) If you are in Utah, we’d love to have you tune it to watch the show at 11:00 am. We will post the link to our segment at the end of this post as soon as it is available. Thanks for all your support guys! We are so grateful for each of you. Here’s to a weekend with my sis!

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  1. says

    Nat & Holly, Could you girls be ANY CUTER? I think not. It was so fun to meet you at BYB. Thank you for being so sweet & friendly – even though I wanted dozens of pictures {some of them are on my BYB post today}. Hope to see you again soon.

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  2. says

    first of all this is crazy genius! I love it so much–bringing the vinyl back! also, i laughed when i read about flipping your hair, I wouldn’t have noticed it unless you pointed it out, but if you watched my google hangout with beckie, i was totally flipping my hair the whole time!!! agh! your hair looked fabulous!!!


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