12 Free Printable Tags for Mason Jar Gifts

Last week I shared this loveliness on Instagram. Did you know Ball recently put out a 100th Anniversary Vintage style jar? I was super excited when I found these at the grocery store. (You can find them here, too.)  I know they’re not true “vintage” but the color is so fun and made me think of summer and homemade strawberry jam!

These vintage blue jars are perfect for storing all sorts of small craft or art supplies.
And mason jars make any gift even more fabulous! Here I just punched out the printables and used the screw-on lid to hold the tag in place (then there’s nothing sticky for the gift-getter to deal with.)
Tie up a jar of brightly colored goodies and you have an easy and inexpensive birthday gift!
Or how about some salty snacks for Dad’s desk at work? (Hello, Father’s Day!)
Do you guys LOVE design-seeds.com? I used this great summer color palette as my inspiration.
I think I’ll write up a Photoshop tutorial on that…would anyone like that?
Here are all the tags included in the PDF:
some for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Spring, Summer and everyday occasions.
Download the free mason jar tags HERE!

Here are 2 more easy and inexpensive gift ideas with printables:

Father’s Day Treat Jar

What are your favorite uses for Mason Jars? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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  1. says

    Once again you have come up with a cute idea and made it so easy for us -thanks! Just an aside – when we told Alan ‘s friend the name we had chosen for our first son, he joked , “so what’s his middle name – jar? ” Not even funny :) Guess I should make him one huh?

  2. says

    LOVE THIS! So easy and cute.

    So nice to see you guys again at SNAP – gorgeous and nice as ever! I’m a big fan, plus I’m stalking you on every social media option possible! YES!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing your talents! You just took care of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and a few birthdays for me too! So cute and easy!

    • says

      Hi Kathy! I got the jars at a local grocery store here in Utah, but I have heard they sell them in packs and individually at Wal-Mart! Hope that helps! Thanks for your comment!

  4. Wolf Girl Here says

    I am going to get that printer working on these. Thanks for sharing. I am wanting those jars too.

    I have an old antique blue green Ball jar with a glass lid. It has that medal clamp thingy lol to close it air tight.

    My husband worked as engineer for Ball and when he left, they gave him a few vintage jars.

    I am going to use your jar idea to make gift jars for an upcoming animal rescue garage sale event to benefit my rescue efforts. I have to have those jars too.



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