Aztec Heart Pillow

Aztec patterns are all the rage right now, and I really wanted to find a heart version for my Valentine’s Day decor. I couldn’t find a pattern, so I decided to create my own! After a few sketches and lots of measuring, I came up with this:

The bright coral and gold leather are a perfect combination!
Here’s how I made it…
I started out with some sketches to figure out my design, and then I had to create the pattern to scale. This was the toughest part! Lucky for you guys, I’m giving it to you :)
Make sure to download the PDF format so the pattern pieces will be the correct size.
I got my felt and the gold leather at JoAnns.  It’s a new color of felt (Coral Red) and it’s gorgeous in person! I cut out all of the pattern pieces, using coral as Color A and gold as Color B.
When I had all of the pieces laid out to create the heart pattern, it was time to place them on my pillow cover. I used a cream linen pillow cover from DownEast Home… it is actually monogrammed on the other side so it was deeply discounted. Whenever I see these for under $2, I always snag them! This one only cost me $0.89!
Once the pattern was in place on the pillow cover, I simply adhered each piece with hot glue. You could also use fabric glue, but I just didn’t want to wait for it to dry :) I’m impatient like that!
I’m thrilled with how it turned out!
Have you started decorating for Valentine’s Day yet? I love my pillow so much, I’ll probably keep it up for a while :) Check out some of my other Valentine’s Day decor projects:


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