“Mint” For Each Other Valentine Printable

You guys. You have to know something. Holly is a Junior Mint fanatic. I’m pretty sure she keeps some in her freezer (the best and only way to enjoy them…) at all times. So these heart-shaped Junior Mints totally made me think of My Sis.
I made a little printable tag to attach to the box (which I found at JoAnns) as either a full-wrap or a smaller tag. Print your tag, slap it on there and give it to your Valentine!

Yup, those little heart-shaped morsels of joy are sure to be appreciated.

(The awesome breath is just a date-night bonus!)
To use this fun printable tag, you can either right-click this image and save to your computer:
We’ve added a red more-Valentinesy version, too! Right click to save and use this version!
Or grab the printable PDFs here!
Enjoy! We are going to be hitting Valentine’s Day hard, starting next week with an AWESOME giveaway you do not want to miss!
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