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It’s no secret that the FROZEN obsession is in full force in our family. I was just posting on Instagram about how I love it but I don’t know if I love waking up and falling asleep with those (adorable!) Disney songs in my head all the time! Anyway, it’s been fun to create some Frozen printables for the kids to enjoy. Today is all about the Valentine – and it’s one that you could definitely give to a hubby or teacher, too!

“In Summer” is the song that always gets me laughing! Poor Olaf…somebody’s gotta tell him! Here’s a little play on one of my favorite parts of the song – my kids love to chime in with, “….Happy Snowman!”
“The Hot and the Cold are both so intense, put ’em together – it just makes sense!”
All you need to put together this fun gift (or Valentine) is something HOT and something COLD.
Yeah, you got this. ‘Cause that could be almost anything. Here are the things I used, but I made a list of some more!
HOT: Hot Tamales, cinnamon gum, any cinnamon candies, Spicy chips, Hot Cheetos, Chili’s gift card (it has the cute hot pepper), can of hot chocolate, any spicy or hot food
COLD: anything minty-gum, Lifesavers, an ice cold drink, ice cream, froyo gift card

I left room on the printables for these cute Disney FROZEN stickers (found at Walmart for .97!) I have a plan for the rest of those coming soon (if my kids don’t get to them first!) It would also be cute for classroom valentines on a smaller scale – either in baggies or fun size candies!
To print your Olaf Valentines, right – click on the images below and save to your computer.
(The second version includes “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
For more FROZEN ideas, make sure to check out our FROZEN Party
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    Great ideas! I have been trying to think of what I am going to get my sisters for Valentine’s Day. Last year I them all chocolate gift baskets which they loved. But my oldest sister was just telling me about how much her and her kids love Frozen. I can’t wait to get a little Frozen basket together for her and my niece and nephews! Thanks so much for the great ideas!


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