Post-It-Note Printables : You Got This!

Did you set some super-amazing worthwhile achievable goals at the beginning of the year? Me too! Are you 100% achieving all those goals with total awesomeness? Me neither. So I made up a few little notes to put around the house to keep me going and remind me to not give up! (In other words, You got this.)
Did you know you can print right on Post-It Notes? I’m definitely not the first to try this, I just wanted to share how I do it and give you a sheet of quotes to try. First, I like to use the full-adhesive kind of Post-Its. You can use the regular ones, it just gets more tricky with your printer and making sure they don’t get stuck. These are about $1 for a 25 pack.

Next, download these 2 templates: One is blank and one has quotes. They are both in PDF format, ready to print.
You can print either one to use as a placeholder for the sticky notes. The only difference is using a tiny bit less ink if you use the blank one. Make sure you note the “top” and put the straight edge at the top like in this picture. the very bottom doesn’t have adhesive so you do not want them reversed.
Cover all the boxes with sticky notes and re-insert in your printer paper tray. This is where you need to know your printer. Usually they have a little diagram that shows you which way to insert the paper. Mine goes in upside down with the top edge going first. You may need to do a test print first before putting in the sticky notes! As long as the straight adhesive edge goes in first, you shouldn’t have any problems with jamming the printer.
Then prepare to be amazed! I can’t wait to make more little sticky notes for the kids, husband, church assignments, and gift tags!

I stuck these little reminders all around the house…of course one went on my fridge next to my adorable niece ;)

What are you doing to stay motivated this year? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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      Thanks for the link! My kiddos abltluoesy loved making those bats and they have been such a hit in our hallway! The art teacher wants to keep a few to enter into the art fair next year!! :)Rachel


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