DIY Curtains with a Metallic Twist

This weekend, I had a fun opportunity to teach a workshop at the IKEA Bring Your Own Friend event in Draper, Utah. I love any excuse to go to IKEA, and it was cool to be able to show customers how their products can be updated to incorporate some of the latest home decor trends. In my workshop, I showed 3 simple ways to create curtains with the metallic trend. 

Here I am right before my class started. I’m kind of a nerd, huh?
These are the simple ideas I shared:

1. Use Metallic Paint to Create a Pattern (Copper Painted Curtain)

The first pair of curtains I created was kind of a happy accident :) I started out with the idea to create a geometric design on the curtain panel with a Bronze Sharpie. When I drew the first lines of my pattern, all the metallic color soaked into the fabric and it just looked like an ugly brown. So I went to plan B… my Copper craft paint!

For metallic paint, I prefer Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint, and this shade is Rose Copper. To prep the curtains before any of my embellishments, I ironed them to get a nice smooth surface. I laid each panel down on top of a plastic tablecloth before I started to paint. To get my initial lines, I marked off the horizontal lines every 14 inches down the length of the panel. Then I used a yardstick to connect the dots and make a nice straight line. (I used a Sharpie for this, but I would recommend a pencil so you won’t see the lines after you paint.)  Once all of the horizontal lines were drawn on, I painted over them with the copper paint. I wanted the brush strokes to look kind of messy and hand-painted:

Then I just filled in my triangle pattern, totally free-handing it. It was much faster because I didn’t have to measure anything, and it adds to the look I was going for. I love the final result!

2. Use a Fabric Paint Marker and Stencil (Silver Hexagon Curtain)

For this curtain, I wanted a cleaner design. I used a 12″ hexagon shape, and traced around it one at a time to create this geometric pattern. For my template, I used a wooden hexagon like these, but you could definitely cut the same shape out of cardboard and trace around it. I used a Fabric Paint marker in Silver, you can find these at any craft store. This was the easiest and quickest of the 3 curtains I made and I am thrilled with how it turned out!

3. Use Heat Transfer Vinyl to create a simple pattern with repeating shapes (Gold Triangle Curtain)

I think this last one might be my favorite! I used the VIVAN curtains from IKEA, which are only $9.99 a pair. This is the perfect way to experiment with a design that might be a little out of your comfort zone, or on the trendy side, because you won’t feel bad if you get sick of them in 6 months and need to replace them. Including the vinyl, I spent less than $18 for this pair of gold triangle curtains!

I cut my triangles with a Silhouette, but they would be really easy to cut by hand too. I fit 40 triangles on a 12×12 sheet of gold heat transfer vinyl, and that completed one entire panel. I always get my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl… their quality and service is truly the best around!

Once all of the triangles were cut, I laid out my curtain on the floor, plugged in my iron and went to work! I started in the middle of the curtain at the top, and adhered the first triangle. Then I added one on each side to complete that “row” of the pattern. I alternated in the next row, and placed 2 triangles in between the 3 above it. I just eyeballed it, didn’t measure anything as I went.

On a few of the triangles, I added a second one to the pattern to make a cool double-triangle arrow thingy :) I really like how this one turned out!

You guys will have to let me know if you try any of these curtains out at home. And now, I have one more very exciting bit of news! I am sharing my first post at Tatertots and Jello today as a new Home Decor Contributor!! Jen has always been the biggest support and inspiration to us, from the very beginning of our blog. We are so honored to have this opportunity. I hope you guys will give me some love over there and check out how I made this Wood Shim Dresser:

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. says

    These are all amazing! I actually have those plain grey curtains in my dining room, and now I’m thinking they might need a metallic hexagon makeover! My 8-year-old just saw the gold triangle curtains over my shoulder, and he’s telling me that I need to make some of those for our school room, too! :)

  2. Christen McGuire says

    I am in love with your tiny, gold triangle curtains! What brand of sillouette do you use for cutting the shapes? Each triangle is absolutely perfect, which I think is key to this look. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!


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