$5 Friday: Easter Egg Candy Necklace

Even though we had snow earlier this week, today it feels like Spring and I’m ready to do some fun Easter projects! This mini egg candy necklace was so fun to make with the kids. It took about 5 minutes and only a few dollars to make! (That’s my kinda craft!)

Do you ever find something at the store that you’re so excited about, you feel like you need to call everyone you know and tell them to RUN to get it? That’s how I felt about these adorable mini Easter Eggs from Dollar Tree! With 24 eggs and two different sets of colors (bright or pastel) they’re a steal. I might have a few projects in the coming weeks using these little cuties!

Oh, and they kept Mr. I’m-too-big-for-naps-now-that-I’m-3 and I busy while sister was at school yesterday.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the necklaces. They remind me of candy leis people make for graduation!

  • mini plastic easter eggs (Dollar Tree)
  • any small easter candy
  • needle and thread or thin string

Start by letting the kids put a few pieces of candy in each egg. Older kids could help with the needle and thread, but mine stuck to the filling eggs job. Thread your needle and make a double-length of thread as long as you need for a necklace. I used a small fold of washi tape at the end so the eggs wouldn’t slip off.

Now thread the needle through each egg. It helps to open up the egg so you can get the needle through both holes.
When your necklace is full, tie the ends together and remove the tape.
Then ask your exhausted but stubborn child to pose with his new necklace. ;)
When sister got home she made one too, with her favorite colors from the bright eggs!
Aren’t they fun? You could make 2 good-sized necklaces filled with candy from the dollar store (think Reeses Pieces Eggs) for only $2!

Here are 12 of our favorite less-messy ways to decorate eggs with the kiddos:

12 Less-Mess Egg Ideas

Next week we’ll be back with more Easter ideas, including some themed Easter baskets the kids might be excited about! Have a great weekend!

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