FROZEN Game – Printable Scavenger Hunt

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Something is coming up next week that I think my kids might be more excited about than their birthdays. Our favorite movie, FROZEN is coming to DVD! In case you haven’t noticed, we sorta love it. Kinda-sorta. Today I want to share a fun, EASY, printable game you can play with the kids – to lead them on a scavenger hunt for treasure! (Maybe the DVD? Hint hint!) You could also use this at a birthday party to find treats, a special gift, or even at Christmas to lead to some fun FROZEN Stocking Stuffers!

This Frozen printable game will be fun for the whole family. It’s a scavenger hunt (like we used to do as kids) that uses FROZEN song lyrics as clues!

All you need to do is print the clues, cut, and hide them around your house. You can use all the cards or some of them, in any order you like! Just make sure you hide the next clue in the place that answers the previous clue. So if you start with “Love is an open door ” you would hand that clue to the treasure hunter, and they would find the next clue on a door. That clue will lead them to the next location, etc.
Here are the answers to each clue, in a separate PDF: Scavenger Hunt Answers

Get the FROZEN Scavenger Hunt Printables – CLICK HERE!

(Note: this photo is kind of misleading…the clues will not match the location like this! I just wanted to give an example.)

We had so much fun doing this little scavenger hunt as a family – and enjoying a little treat I left for the final clue.

For more FROZEN ideas, make sure to check out our FROZEN Party

(We originally posted this idea at Bombshell Bling as part of her DISNEY Week series.)

Okay, now be honest. Who loves Frozen more – your kids or you? ;)


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  1. says

    I did this last night with my kids (9,7,6) and they loved it! Their prize was the movie of course. Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing it. I shared it with my FB friends too.

  2. Sheri says

    I’m having trouble printing off the game pieces to the Frozen scavenger hunt. I can print off the answers but when it comes to the actual game pieces it says google error 500. Any ideas for me? Thanks

  3. Marcie says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for planning this and sharing the cute printable! I like to make scavenger hunts myself, but ran out of time to plan one for my daughter’s 6th birthday party, so I printed yours out. It was perfect – all the little girls had fun, and my daughter said it was her favorite part of the party!

    • says

      I’m so glad you found it and that your daughter enjoyed it so much!! Sometimes it is the simplest things that our kids remember most, not the balloons or cake we spent 5 hours decorating, haha! I hope she had a wonderful party!

  4. Grandpa Al says

    Hi Sisters,
    I’m helping my wife plan a Frozen themed birthday party for our granddaughter. What you have going on here is wonderful. It helped me out a great deal. Keep up the GREAT Creative work. I’m glad you are there for us.
    Thanks Again,
    Grandma and Grandpa

    • says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment! It means so much to us. I’m sure the party will be great! Sounds like she’s a very lucky girl to have such thoughtful grandparents!

  5. Catherine says

    Help I can only print the one page of the scavenger hunt cards. Is there a way to get all of them?

  6. Gail says

    Please could you email me the frozen scavenger hunt as I can only download one page. Can’t wait to use with my granddaughter and her friends , thanks.


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