Suitcase of Savings UPDATE: March Goal

Hey guys, I know this is a little late :) Maybe that should be my goal next year… 12 months of being on time! Anyway, I thought some of you might be curious how I survived my goal in February. An entire month without my favorite store. I went 28 days without going to Target. (Actually 31 days, because I was at a family wedding on the 1st and 2nd.) I DID IT!!! Seriously, how many of you actually had faith that I would be able to stick with this one??

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I went a little crazy about halfway through the month :)


I did a few late night drive-bys in the parking lot. Even my kids were missing the popcorn shopping trips :) But I never gave in. When I finally got to walk through those blessed doors again, it was a very happy moment!

So, here is a breakdown of my “savings” last month from my Target boycott. Over the previous 3 months, I averaged how much I spent there. It came to $248.60 per month! And that is pretty much all non-essential items. We don’t have a Super Target, so I never buy food there. I also get most of my toiletries from Melaleuca, so that $250 a month is mostly extra stuff…. home decor, clothes, and dollar spot treasures :)

It really opened my eyes to how much I could save by being a little more careful with what I buy, and why I shop. Many times, shopping at Target is actually a recreational activity for me! It’s a “treat” to go there and get a Dr. Pepper and browse the new home decor products, hit up the clearance, etc. Even when I go without a list of items I “need”, I always end up walking out with a cart full of goodies!

This month, I am trying to be more careful about my Target shopping trips. Although I must say… It’s nice to be back! Here are a few of the sale items I brought home with me last week. I have plans for these!!


Nat’s favorite store boycott last month was JoAnn’s. And she did it too!! What a proud sister moment :)
So, we’re already 2 weeks into our March goal…
This one has been kind rough so far, because it is getting warmer and all of the stores are coming out with cute Spring clothes and shoes! And yes, this includes online shopping and daily deal sites, But we can do it!!
Who wants to follow along with us? (You can find all of our Suitcase of Savings posts here.)
Have a great weekend!

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    I’m right there with you with Target. I fill prescriptions there and it’s been especially dangerous since everyone seems to be getting medicine weekly. Last night I dropped off my prescription and went home instead of waiting the thirty minutes. I didn’t buy anything but the prescription when I went back. I was so

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