4 Ways to Refresh Your Garage for Summer

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It’s finally warming up enough for my kids to play outside, and we’ve been spending a lot more time in and out of our garage lately. After tripping over bikes, scooters, and all the aftermath of my latest blog projects, I decided it was time to clean things up this weekend! A huge project like this can be a little overwhelming… especially when you are stuck doing it alone. (Thanks babe, hope you enjoyed your nap!) So, if you only have a few hours to tackle it, choose one area of your space to focus on. Here is the space I transformed:

before and after garage space

This lovely area used to be a trash dump, but I was really tired of having the garbage right next to the door when we left our house and entered the garage. I wanted to create a clean space that is easily accessible for my kids to grab their stuff and go play!

4 ways to update garage for summer

I am SO happy with this new little made-over space in our garage! Here are 4 tips for how you can refresh your garage for summer:

clean all surfaces

1. Clean all the surfaces in your space.  A lot of dirt, dust, and fingerprints can accumulate over the winter, so grab some disinfecting wipes and clean the most-used surfaces in your garage. You will be surprised what a difference it makes!

update with paint

2. Update your space with a little paint! Yes, I know it is just a garage, but you also have to look at it every day. So why not make it pretty? I chose one small accent wall to paint, and it took me less than a few hours to give it a new look.  I used some leftover paint from my daughter’s bedroom, (color is Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams) and then added some stripes for a POP!

painting stripes

3. Bring in some COLOR! I wanted this to be a fun and colorful area for my kids, so I added some bright color with these darling round placemats I found at Target. I love taking every day items like these, and using them as artwork in my space! I attached the placemats to the wall with heavy duty double-stick tape.

colorful placemats

4. Get Organized! Make your most-used items easily accessible, especially for kids. If there is a place to put things away, I’ve found that my kids are much more likely to clean up and take care of their toys.  For this project, I wanted to find a solution for all of my son’s sports equipment. (I was getting tired of tripping over his skateboard and scooter!) So I was super excited to find this FastTrack organization system at Target last week!

FastTrack System

The Rubbermaid FastTrack 5-piece Kit comes with a metal track that attaches to the wall, a cover piece, and 4 hooks that clip on to organize your garage items.  You all know I’m not really a power tool girl, but I did this all by myself and it was SO easy!!

installing FastTrack garage system

All I had to do was make sure the track was level, mark the screw holes, and then make sure the screws were going into the studs in the wall (in the middle of the track and on both ends.) Once the track was securely attached to the wall, I slipped the black cover piece into place and added the hooks. I told you it was easy! All of the hardware and hooks were included in my kit. The multi-purpose hook I used on the end is perfect for storing bikes and scooters. I used two of the scoop hooks for the skateboard, and the handle hook is holding the helmet and a mesh bag for all their sports balls.

fastTrack with hooks

So here’s the good news for you guys. The Rubbermaid FastTrack 5-piece kit is on sale for $28.99 from now through this weekend (5/18-5/24). That is such a good price! I’m going to pick up another one at Target while they are on sale. I mean, seriously, you guys can totally do this while your kids (and hubby) are napping!!

garage organization

Now that I have this area done, I have a few more projects I will be tackling in my garage this month. It feels so great to walk out into a space that is clean and organized! What spring-cleaning projects are you guys working on?


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