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Over the past few weeks, everyone in our family has been talking (and singing) about our new obsession – FROZEN the movie! If you haven’t seen it – go, go, go! It is a heartwarming story with beautiful music, funny characters and all the magic you’d expect from Disney. We’ve had the soundtrack on repeat in the car and the house and our kids are going nuts over the fun Olaf and Elsa toys we now own.

One of the things we love about the movie is the variety of characters to fall in love with. These three are definitely our favorite – the sisters Elsa and Anna, and Olaf the Snowman who loves warm hugs! {We created a cute Olaf Printable too! Get it HERE}

Nat had already been planning a road trip to visit Holly (and see cute Ivie) so we decided to throw a fun FROZEN party for our kids and their friends while we were together. It didn’t take the kids long to find the toys when we went to Walmart for party supplies. Bella loved the Toddler Elsa doll, and Anna of course, chose Anna! The dress-ups were also SO cute, and we found FROZEN books, playsets, and other figures, too. These are hot items for Christmas, you guys!!

Putting together ideas for the decor, food, and activities was so fun! We rarely get to work together like that since we live so far apart…we may have had a few late nights that included more talking and laughing than crafting. Using items from Walmart and pieces Holly already had, we created a magical and icy setting for our little party guests. Holly’s Snowflake Throw was the perfect backdrop for our wintry tablescape!

Our table runner was simple and inexpensive but still added to the frosty theme we were going for. The first layer after the white tablecloth is this gorgeous silver glitter wrapping paper (found in the Christmas section and in lots of other colors.) Then we topped it with a runner that is actually an extra wide roll of sheer blue ribbon with silver glitter snowflakes.
We hung large silver snowflakes and added winter white branches and silver berries to the table – they totally reminded us of the snowy woods in the movie!
Finally it was time for our guests to arrive! You might recognize these two gorgeous girls :)

When hosting a party for young kids, it’s a good idea to keep the food simple. The partiers snacked on a cheese ball and crackers, white chocolate snowflake pretzels, and powdered doughnut “snowmen” with orange Starburst noses. We also served pre-scooped (to save time!) vanilla ice cream “snowballs” with silver, blue and white sprinkles, marshmallows and white chocolate chips as toppings.

For the activity, I really wanted to do something the kids of different ages would like that wouldn’t make too much of a mess. This Epsom salt paint fit the bill! It’s so easy to make – just stir equal parts of Epsom salt and very hot water together. Then paint with the solution on black paper and wait for it to dry (this is when the magic happens!)  The solution actually crystallizes and looks just like ice crystals! The kids loved painting and seeing the results as the water dried and the parents loved that it was pretty mess-free.

The party game we planned is a simple twist on an old classic. We started by making sparkly Elsa crowns and Sven the Reindeer antlers out of craft foam and ribbon for each child to wear.

Then the kids all got a carrot nose (cut from an orange foam sheet) and we played “Pin the Nose on Olaf!” Our talented brother, Bryan was nice enough to draw Olaf for our game – isn’t he adorable? One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Anna puts the carrot nose on Olaf…so we let the kids (blindfolded) take turns trying to do the same!

For favors, we sent each party goer home their very own Olaf snow globe! {Holly} Olaf was my son’s favorite character from the FROZEN movie! I loved him too… I laughed out loud several times throughout the movie from his silly snowman antics :)
These DIY mason jar snow globes were easy and fun to make!

To make the miniature Olaf, I used Crayola Model Magic to form his head and body. Before the pieces dried, I added the hair and arms using thin black cording from the jewelry making section of the craft store. I let all the pieces dry overnight and then assembled them the morning of the party. I used small pieces of wooden toothpicks to attach the head to the mid section and body, and secured each with a little drop of hot glue. It was pretty simple to put on the finishing touches… stiff orange felt for the nose, tiny black buttons, and googly eyes attached with Elmer’s glue. Then I used a circle of white felt and a couple spoonfuls of the really fine fake snow to complete the look! There isn’t any water inside, just the snow :)

Luckily, the fun didn’t stop once our FROZEN party ended. Our little girls had so much fun afterwards playing with their new dolls. (Especially Holly’s daughter Anna!) I love that we have something to remember our magical day and visit to Aunt Holly’s house by!

What do you think? Did you love the movie as much as we did? Who is your favorite character? We are big fans and we love that it’s something the whole family can enjoy together.


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  1. says

    SO.MUCH.FUN! I love all the details of this FROZEN party! All the fun foods are adorable, but I especially love the activities you did! And, the merchandise you found to go with is perfect! Love it! #client

    • says

      We didn’t use any liquid…the fake snow enough of the effect that we decided to leave it out. If you used a plastic toy and the right glue, you definitely could though!

  2. says

    I was just wondering what sized mason jars you used for the olaf snowglobes? I was trying to figure it out without asking but I can’t seem to figure it out. The circle around Olaf looks like about 3″ in the picture, could you provide this info? It would be greatly appreciated.

  3. says

    Very well done party indeed….. I am due to have my Frozen party soon and this did give me some great ideas…… my only challenge…..Its going to be in March in Texas….wonder how am I going to get the whole frozen feel :-)……but yea surely looking forward to it now specially with all these tips from you…..thanks again :-))

  4. says

    Hi. I was wondering where you found that extra wide ribbon with the snow flakes? I can’t seem to find anything that wide. Thank you. Definitely using some of your ideas for my daughter’s birthday party.

  5. says

    I love your Olaf jars!!!! I was wondering approximately how much model magic you had to use for each Olaf. I am having a party for 20 kids and need to estimate how much compound to buy. Thanks!

    • says

      We found it at Walmart, it was in the holiday section near Christmas time. I will be watching for more “Frozen” looking decor in the stores this fall when all the holiday stuff arrives!

  6. Suzanne Wofford says

    Hi I was wondering about the starburst noses with the powdered donuts? What exactly are those and where do u get them. Not like any starburst I know……??

  7. Penny Taney says

    I love the snow globe. Do you think that this is a craft that kids could do themselves at our holiday party? Kids will range from 5 to 15.

  8. mas ayu says

    It is so brilliant yet affordable. I love everything about the diy. The crystal art and Olaf games are simply easy and manageable. I just can’t wait to implement this for my little girl’s birthday. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hi there … according to the directions, it looks like you use black construction paper and paint on it with equal parts of Epson salt and HOT water. :) hope this helps.

  9. says

    Hi there … can you please tell me where you got the extra wide roll of sheer blue ribbon with silver glitter snowflakes? I’m in LOVE with it and I’m almost done with my daughter’s party – this is the final touch it needs!! Please help!

    • says

      Hey Rachele, I’m so sorry – that ribbon was found during the Christmas season at Wal-Mart…I don’t know if you’d be able to find anything similar this time of year! Good luck with your party! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Renae says

    I tried the Epsom salt painting today and very little crystallized. I used 1 cup hot water to 1 cup salt and had my girls paint with it as soon as the salt dissolved. Any thoughts on why the painting didn’t seem to work?

  11. JaneEllen says

    We are going to have to rent that movie, sounds delightful. I enjoy kid movies especially by Disney. In fact we have a few from when our grand daughters were younger, came to spend night. We’d watch movies all night til time for bed.
    Kept seeing things about frozen, didn’t know what was being talked about. Will see if Red Box has it to rent. Might get it so youngest gd can watch with us. She’s 14 but loves to be with us, & watch movies. We don’t have cable or satellite anymore so have to rent any specific movies she’d want to watch.
    Seeing all you sisters have done has gotten me really interested in Frozen idea. I printed out the antlers and crown so we could give them as stocking gifts for fun. Will hope Walmart might have some of that blue glitter foam or I’ll have to wing it, put glitter on myself. Thanks for great inspirations, your party and kids looked like they were having great fun. So nice to have a sister to do things like that with. Nice you both like to craft also. Happy season

  12. Stacie says

    Hi, I love the snow globe! Quick question, how did you do the mouth? Just a sharpie? Thinking about doing this as a party favor for my daughter’s birthday, but worried is above my skill level. Thanks!

  13. says

    The epsom salt thing is like the best thing ever! I’m doing my 5 year’s frozen bday party and I was stressing out on how to keep these little Elsa’s enteratined!

    This, they will love for sure!


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