Glittericious Birthday Crown :)

My baby girl’s 1st birthday party was on Sunday night, and we had such a fun tea party for our little miss! This weekend, I was reading about a contest and a chance to win not one — SIX– cans of Glitter Blast and $50 to a craft mecca of my choice. I’d be crazy not to try for that, right?? I decided that I might as well jump in with both feet and enter… (Even though this is only the 2nd post on our blog!)

This is the glitterfied birthday crown I made for Anna’s birthday this weekend… Super simple, and it turned out so cute!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 1 sheet of glitter craft foam (adhesive backed) – I got mine at Michaels for $1.49
  • 1 piece of felt in desired color – I had tons of turquoise, so mine was free :)
  • plastic headband
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • optional: decorative bling sticker – I found this number “1” sticker at Michaels on clearance for 49 cents!

Start with your foam sheet and cut out the shape of your crown. I totally freehanded this part :) Here’s what I ended up with:

Then I took full advantage of the sticky back of the foam, peeled off the backing paper, and stuck it onto my sheet of felt. Just trim around the shape of your crown and voila! The inside of your crown is done.
I cut away part of the felt so a corner of the sticky part was showing inside the crown, and then I just stuck both ends together to form my crown.
The final step is to simply glue the headband inside the front of the crown, and you are done! If you want to add any embellishements, there are tons of extras you could use to personalize your crown. I wanted to keep it simple, so I just added the “1” sticker to the front.
I loved doing this project… 10 minutes, less than 3 bucks, and it totally completed her “look” for the big day! This would also be a cute “dress up” accessory — a great homemade gift for the princess in your house :)
Happy Birthday sweet girl, I love you!
*I’m linking this post to the Krylon Glitter Blast Linky Party at Vintage Revivals.
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