Halloween Gumball Letters

I love decorating for Halloween, and my kids get really into it too. This year, I thought it would be fun to make a decoration using one of their favorite things about Halloween…. the CANDY!

Halloween Gumball Letters

These cardboard letters have been used for a ton of DIY decor ideas, but so far I haven’t seen any embellished with candy! It’s amazing how many different colors of gumballs and you can find, (check your local party supply or candy store), so it would be fun to customize these for any party or holiday. For my Halloween gumball letters, here’s what I used:

  • 12″ Cardboard Letters
  • Black craft paint
  • 4 lbs of large gumballs (1 orange, 1 white, 2 black)
  • hot glue

Gumball letter materials

I painted the letters with black craft paint, let them dry completely, and then started attaching the gumballs one at a time with my hi-temp hot glue gun.

Gluing gumballs on letters

Here’s what the letters looked like as I was gluing… I didn’t really follow a pattern, but tried to use more blacks than the other two colors. **Make sure to add a row of gumballs at the bottom of each letter that sticks over the edge of the letter.** This will provide a solid base, and balance the weight of the gumballs so the letters won’t tip over when you stand them up! They’re actually really sturdy. I just love how they turned out:

BOO Halloween Letters

We have another fun version of BOO letters we will be sharing with you guys on Monday. Are you working on Halloween decor this weekend? You can find some of our favorite Halloween projects, free printables, and more spooky ideas HERE:



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      Andrea, I thought about that, but I was worried that if I sprayed them with something the color of the gumballs might start bleeding off. So I just left them as is… as long as you aren’t handling them a ton, they should be just fine! I have mine high enough up that my kids can’t reach :)


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