Printable School Supply Tags

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe some of you have already sent your kids off to school! My kindergartner starts in a week and Holly’s kids still have a few weeks left of summer! Either way, I promise a teacher will be thrilled to get school supply donations any time of the year!


I just grabbed some supplies that were on sale this week (anyone else kind of love back-to-school sales?) and made some tags to give my daughter’s teacher. Besides the construction paper, these can be used for tons of different supplies the teacher might need or has requested.

Color: crayons, highlighters, markers, bright Post-It Notes, anything colorful!

Glue: bottles or glue sticks (I hear those are in high demand in the elementary grades – they’re about .25 a piece right now so stock up!)

Write: pencils, pens, paper, pencil sharpener


You can grab the printables by clicking here: School Supply Tags


Hope you have a great weekend, whether it’s to relax after a stressful first week or to get ready for school to start soon!

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