Red White and Blue Tassels (Bleach Dipped)

Today I’m sharing another version of my latest craft obsession… yarn tassels! This time, they are red, white and blue — perfect for your 4th of July decor! I wanted to give my tassels a two-tone look, and I love the “dipped” effect that you can get by dying the end of a white tassel in a bright color. So I thought, why not see what happens when you dip a colored yarn tassel in bleach? The result was pretty cool!

bleach dipped yarn tassels

To create my red, white and blue tassels, I used three different skeins of Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn. I found a really cool combo yarn that was already red, white and blue! Then I also picked up Red and Blueberry, all at my local JoAnn Fabric store for $2.99 a piece.

1. I made my tassels following the same easy steps I showed in this tutorial for a yarn tassel bedskirt last week. Then I was ready to bleach them!

how to bleach yarn tassels

2.  I used concentrated Clorox bleach (because that’s what I had at home!)

3.  I took a small Mason jar and filled it about 2/3 of the way with bleach. I dipped the end of the tassel in the jar, and let it sit for about a minute. Then I took it out of the bleach and rinsed it under water, making sure the tassel only got wet up to the point where I wanted the bleach to stop. Once the tassel is wet on the end, it is easier to immerse in the bleach and it will make a nice, clean dipped look. I left the tassel in the bleach for about 15-20 minutes this time, then removed it, rinsed it thoroughly with water, and hung it to dry.

bleach dipping steps

4. Here is what the finished tassels look like when they are dry. The blue yarn was a little harder to get a clean line… the bleach started creeping up for some reason. But the red turned out so cool! The bleach created an ombre effect:

ombre yarn tassel

 The tassels add a perfect patriotic touch to my mantel… I love how they turned out!

4th of July Mantel

red white and blue tassels

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    Great idea! I would have loved the tassels on their own, but bleaching them created such an interesting look. These would be great for a baby or bridal shower (different colors) or for any holiday. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be pining this post!


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