Thanksgiving Mad Libs Printable

Do you remember doing Mad Libs as a kid? I loved coming up with the most creative adjectives I could think of… but it seemed like the boys just stuck to bathroom humor :) Well, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought it would be fun to make my own printableThanksgiving Mad Lib” for my kids. This is a perfect activity for all the cousins to do together, while they are waiting for the turkey to finish cooking!Download the Thanksgiving Mad Lib PDF here!

My boys had a blast doing this with me… the laughter was pretty contagious :) They loved it so much, I decided to look for some other Mad Libs and found these:
I have to say, my boys thought my version was much funnier, but they still liked doing the others. It would also be a great activity for a long road trip if you are traveling for the holiday! Hope you (and your kids) get a few belly laughs from these.

Here are a few of our other fun Thanksgiving activities for the kids, Don’t Eat Tom:



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    I loved mad libs as a kid. My daughter will love this. I created a fill in gratitude printable freebie if you’d like to grab one feel free! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
    Visiting from

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    Thank you so much for the mad lib and the links!! We have 17 kids cousins and more friends coming today and I think this will be such fun. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for people like you willing to share your talents to bring joy to others. much aloha and mahalo, malia

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    Thank you for sharing! I think Mad Libs are a great way to teach my kids about parts of speech too :) We love Mad Libs in our homeschool!

    Missy from Dot-to-Dot Connections.


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