We Go Together Like…{Dry-Erase Love Notes}

I dare you to read that title and NOT sing the main theme from Grease. :) I can’t stop.

Before I introduce today’s post, I just have to say THANK YOU for all the love we’ve been getting lately! It has been so fun to see the response to our Instagram Week as well as Holly’s amazing Yarn Love Letters. Thank you! Check out Holly’s guest tutorial that was featured on The CSI Project yesterday!

Valentine’s Day is coming up SO quickly! We have a fun little printable for you today (especially if you’re a last-minute decorator like myself) to get in the mood. It’s an 8×10 size print – easy to put in a frame so that you can write little love-notes to your heart’s content!

Click through to get your FREE 8×10 Printable! 

Stick your dry-erase marker next to the frame and let your Valentine get in on the fun!

What I love about this is how perfect it is for those little inside jokes. For example, this is what my husband came home to yesterday:

Hee hee! We always sing and joke about that song “I don’t know much…” because the hubs does a mean Aaron Neville impression. I’m excited for us to take turns filling in the blanks. Anything goes! Think famous couples, foods that go together, the possibilities are endless.

And since I love the idea of doing this after Valentine’s day, I made a few other color options.

Get the free printables here: 
Red Version       White Version      Blue Version    

There’s been a little lull here on the blog the past few days since we were finally able to spend some sister time together! Yay! It was sad to say goodbye but dreams of SNAP will keep us sane for the next few months :)

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  1. says

    Going to use this for my V-day vignette this year! And I did not have a problem with the download… I’m using the white version and it didn’t ask for anything, I just copied and pasted the image into Word and printed it from Word. Maybe that might help for the others above! :)

  2. says

    YOU SAVED ME! My hubbie issued a challenge for this years V-Day gift. We had to make something for each other and it has to be under 10$! I have been looking for weeks for some kind of inspiration, but really what can you make for a man that he would like and use. I was going to settle on heart shaped felt and rice pocket hand warmers. Which I knew he would use once to save my feelings but never want his friends to see. lol When I found this! Thank you Thank you I am so excited about this!


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